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On Sunday the 6th October 2013, an intrepid troop of trainee investigators hit Rochester High Street, looking for clues to solve the puzzle of extra-terrestial life.
They met members of the peculiar Ogilvy family, snatched from across the last century by space pirates, who intent of harvesting their DNA had carelessly misplaced them in modern Rochester.  Unfortunately, they were unable to locate the elusive Douglas Ogilvy, recently abducted from Jackson’s field, as he had disappeared in a flying saucer, but his relatives guided them to the final destination, helping them to discover the secrets of the Skywatcher and encountering several UFO’s along the way.  Below is a photographic record of their journey.

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Feedback –
‘It was just so much fun, and so different. The kids all talked about it all the way home and want me to find something similar to do (not sure there IS anything similar to be honest) They also told all their friends about it and showed off their passes and their badges.’
‘Good fun factor, liked that kidults and kids could enjoy it together. Lots of interaction with both the actors and others in my team, got to know more about Rochester’
‘Suitable for adults and children alike. Loved going to shops in Rochester that I wouldn’t ordinarily go to. How friendly and lovely the shops were – and welcoming!’
‘thank you all very very much for one of the most unique and entertaining afternoons down the high street . . . when’s the next one ?’
‘it was magical seeing the kids so swept up in it. They absolutely loved it and have been wearing the tags with pride ever since. Really caught their imagination and a day they’ll never forget.’
‘Skywatchers was an explosion of theatrical panache, intriguing writing and weird, weird things. Elsie and Iris now truly believe that aliens are hovering above our Medway heads, ready to abduct us.’

The Skywatcher was part of the Rochester Literature Festival

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Welcome to the investigation

Strange things have been happening in Rochester. Unexplained lights in the sky, bizarre disappearances and what is that odd sound? The Bureau for Unexplained Crisis, Knowledge and Extraterrestrial-ism or B.U.C.K.E.T. is set to investigate on the 6th October from 2-6pm.

Tickets are available for £6 / head from –

The Skywatcher will be an exciting mix of interactive, site specific theatre and scavenger hunting around the City of Rochester.  The audience will visit six locations, to investigate the alledged extra-terrestial activity and meet the people who say they know whats been happening.  Solve puzzles, explore and have loads of fun on the way.

We are raising funds for the investigation using an unusual site called indiegogo. It’s important we get the right tools to locate the alien disturbances (or at least to make them from semi convincing items we can lay our hands on).

Keep your eyes on the skies and ask yourself, what do you believe?

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